Getting Poked by Dr. Wang

Getting Poked by Dr. Wang

That headline is 100% true, in case you thought it was some porno title I was throwing out there. I did, indeed, get poked by Dr. Wang last week. It was an acupuncture appointment you sick bastards. 

It was my first poke, if you will. I had gotten acupuncture several years ago when I was having chronic migraines and it helped tremendously. I wanted to see if it would help with this insomnia I’ve been having (says the lady whose been awake since 2:30 this morning).

There is something amusing and fascinating to me about the acupuncture exam. In traditional Chinese medicine they examine your tongue as a means of evaluating your health. They also take your pulse. The doctor had me stick out my tongue while looking at it from a few steps away. He kept nodding his head as he examined my tongue. 

I’d forgotten how sore the points can feel with the needles in. Not a zinging pain but more like a pulsating feeling. I chose to believe it was my chi working out its issues.  And it felt like it had more issues than Vogue. LOL
The one thing that I do remember and like about acupuncture is that you are forced to relax. I mean you have needles sticking out of you so it’s probably best that you relaxed. I lay on the table for 30 minutes. I wanted so badly to take a pic of my face because I had 6 needles sticking out of it but the doctor stayed in the room almost the whole time, mixing any possible selfie opportunity. 

The verdict?  My chi isn’t as fucked up as I thought as I don’t need to go back for 2-3 weeks. Overall I have been feeling much calmer, so much so that my husband even took notice. Am I sleeping better?  A little bit it still is probably too early for a judgment on that one. I’ll have to wait and see how the next appointment goes. 

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